Hi, guys,

Been hunkered down editing the first Space Command film with Dave Edison and Elaine, which is going great! We’re about halfway through, polishing the rough cut, and are also generating awesome VFX. A new trailer will soon be released.

In the meantime, thought I’d give you a tour of Space Command Studios and let you in on details of the five Space Command films to follow – super secret stuff!

Art director James Zicree busy at work building the Alexander, the cargo ship that goes missing ferrying three hundred Pilgrims to Helios, the Iron City on Mercury, in Space Command: Forgiveness, our second film!

I won’t tell you how this design by Mauro Corveloni of Brazil fits in – you’ll have to watch Forgiveness!

We’re also getting ready for our spectacular Space Command panels at Westercon (July 3-4) and Comic-Con (July 9-11), both in San Diego. I’ll be at both, as will a number of our stars and key team members, along with signings and cool video presentations!

At the same time, we’re doing a number of things to raise a war chest so we can start shooting Forgiveness as soon as possible, and also finish VFX and post on the first film.

As I mention in the video, we still have some shares left in the second film at $7,500 per share (all the shares in film one have sold out).

If you’d like to take part, email me at marczicree@gmail.com or call me at (323) 363-1259 and I’ll be happy to send you the informational documents. Once all the shares in film two are sold, we’ll start selling shares in film three, and so on.

(Though that may all change once we have our major distribution platform in place. As you know, my hope is to sell Space Command as an Original Series. With our Space Command cast members starring in hit shows now on Netflix, the CW, FX and TNT, I think we’ll find many interested executives at a number of networks and platforms – and our lucky investors will be very glad they got in early on what we’re working to make one of the major science fiction franchises!)

If you don’t have $7,500 on hand but would still like to help Space Command financially on an ongoing basis, we’ve just set up a Patreon account, where you can pledge any amount on a monthly basis. In return, you’ll be emailed exclusive content, be invited to special Space Command events and many other surprises. Check out https://www.patreon.com/MarcZicree

We’ll be refining the Patreon site over the next few weeks – this is new terrain for us, inspired by Amanda Palmer’s example (and if you haven’t read her wonderful book, The Art of Asking, I highly recommend it).

Last but not least, since we finished filming the first of our six Space Command films, I’ve let a very few close friends shoot two features and a pilot at our studios (and also one day with Stan Lee!), redressing our iconic sets so that they can be repurposed for their projects in a way that doesn’t take anything away from what makes our Space Command films special and unique.

Marc and Stan Lee

Marc and Stan Lee

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to extend our facilities to other carefully-chosen filmmakers, who would love to shoot on terrific spaceship and planetary terrain sets but can’t afford the high rates of other facilities.Now at last that’s possible. Elle and Adam Sonnet, who both acted in the first Space Command film and also did wonderful props for us, are now overseeing our physical studio. Here’s the link — http://scstudios.webs.com/

For more info and to get a tour of the studio, call or email Elle at the contact info listed on the website. And spread the word! We’re offering finder fees to those who bring the right folks our way — and every little bit helps get our other Space Command films shot all that more quickly.

That’s all for now… Oh, all right, I’ll tantalize you with this image from our first Space Command film, which just came in from Nicolas Alanis, the brilliant artist who designed the alien Y’maa ship you’ll see in the film.

No, I won’t say any more about it… Just that this film will knock your socks off when we’re done. It’s filling me with wonder every single day. A hopeful vision of the future – we’re making it real, you and I.

All good thoughts your way,