Big Update

Hi, guys,

Well, a LOT has been happening in the Space Command universe lately!

First off, did you get your Kickstarter stuff? Space Command has mailed out the posters, patches, t-shirts, lobby cards, trading cards, signed scripts and signed Twilight Zone Companions to all the Kickstarter backers who ordered them, here in the U.S. and around the world! If not, please contact us and we’ll send them off!

(And for the last few years, we’ve been sending off digital downloads of Space Command music, patches, posters, certificates, book chapters and more!)

Still to come, timepieces, watches, rayguns – and the finished two-hour pilot itself!

And so as to not bury the lead, as they say, we’re raising more funds via selling shares, Patreon sponsors and a soon-to-be-launched crowdfunding campaign so we can finish post on the two-hour pilot, continue shooting the second story, and have a booth at San Diego Comic-Con to meet our backers, investors, fans and potential network buyers! (We’ve already got our panel scheduled at Comic-Con on Friday, where we’ll have our stars and debut footage never before shown!)

So if you’ve been thinking of buying shares in Space Command, now is a great time – feel free to call me at (323) 363-1259 or email me at

I’ll be happy to send you all the info and answer any questions. (The basics are that shares are $7,500 each and you get a percentage of my producers net profits for the first four hours of Space Command – Space Command: Redemption and Space Command: Forgiveness). Shares will NOT continue to be sold once the show is sold!

And to support us via Patreon, log onto Patreon
and pledge any amount to support us. We’ll be sending you Patreon-only cool Space Command and Marc Zicree stuff!

And if you’d like to be part of our crowdfunding team, reach out to us via or (323) 363-1259. Thanks!

And where does Space Command stand now? Wonderfully!

Here’s a video of me bringing you up to speed on all the latest Space Command developments – and showing off my dog Squirrel!

And here’s a promo we just completed of Space Command, with Neil Gaiman, Guillermo del Toro, Damon Lindelof and Rockne O’Bannon singing our praises!

Our splendid VFX team of Zach, Brennan and Renes (not to mention their equally-splendid dog Banana) have been cranking out spectacular VFX shots and have just about completed VFX and color correction on the first 35 minutes of our two-hour Space Command pilot!

Here’s some frame grabs of those amazing images. We’ll be sharing lots more of it with you very soon!







The other week, we got together with Zach, Brennan and Renes to shoot Space Command crew and base personnel against green screen to lay into many of the VFX shots, along with cameos by the erstwhile Nick Roberts and David Bartlett as members of the audience during the talk where Greg Mazzey (Bill Mumy) unveils the first Synthetic, Dor Neven (Doug Jones).





Here’s a little video of that halcyon day —

So what comes next? Well, we’ve been laying track to pitch the show to the big networks and platforms!

As many of you know, CAA now reps me (thanks to help and advise from Neil Gaiman, Ron Moore, Glen Mazzara and my pal John Lindauer).

My friend Frank Spotnitz (showrunner of X-Files and creator/showrunner of The Man in the High Castle) has been mentoring me, and his great advise was to meet the executives in person at events they were attending.

To that end, I just attended the Drama Summit here in LA, where I got to chat with my friend Damon Lindelof (co-creator and showrunner of Lost and The Leftovers).


Also spoke with the Head of Drama from Netflix – and will be setting a meeting with her shortly to pitch Space Command!

And at MIPTV in Cannes, I spoke with execs from Amazon and will be meeting with them soon too!

Here’s a video I posted from MIP a few weeks back on pitching Space Command there and the state of international television —

Yesterday, Elaine and I drove up the coast to Ojai, discussing Space Command and nailing down key details of the entire first season of twelve episodes. It was a glorious Southern California, with the ocean and the greenery simply gorgeous (as, of course, is Elaine).


Here’s the entire first season of Space Command, in order, with details as to cast and what state of completion each episode is in. Each story consists of two hour-long episodes and the entire twelve-hour season forms one complete story arc.

Episodes One and Two – United Planet. The Prequel. Inspired by a discussion between myself and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Marc and Neil deGrasse Tyson

At the gym with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The story takes place thirty years from now and thirty years before Redemption. The main character is Captain Anson Kemmer of the United States Air Force (the name Anson is a nod to Robert Anson Heinlein).

In time, Anson will be the father of Captain Jack Kemmer (Ethan McDowell), but right now he’s fighting in the war in Sri Lanka. Shot down by two drones (one of which takes out his plane, the other of which converts from air to land assault and keeps pursuing him on foot), Anson is severely wounded.

He’s saved and nursed back to health by peace activist Anoka Chandimol (who learned everything she knows from her grandmother, who grew up in the home of a famous science fiction writer who relocated from England to Sri Lanka). She enlists him in a world movement to fight against the ravages of severe climate change by leading a mission into space that will turn the tide and unite humanity.

United Planet will initially be recorded as a two-hour audio play starring Mike Harney of Orange is the New Black, reprising the role of Anson Kemmer that he played in Space Command: Redemption.

(I’ve always loved audio plays; my first radio play was performed on KPFK when I was eighteen, and the Magic Time Audio Play, co-produced by Space Command Composer David Raiklen, has just been released by Skyboat Media and Blackstone Audio — )


You can see Mike Harney as Anson Kemmer in Space Command: Redemption in our trailer —


Following the recording of the audio play, we’ll ultimately shoot United Planet as the two-hour prequel. I’ve been in communication with Lt. Colonel Glen Roberts of the Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office to explore the possibility of the United States Air Force – the real Space Command — providing assistance and resources to this production. (In researching, writing and shooting Space Command so far, I’ve had invaluable assistance from the Air Force, JPL, NASA and the Johnson Space Center, among many others.)

Episodes Three and Four – Redemption.
Takes place sixty years from now and thirty years from United Planet. Tells the story of how Captain Jack Kemmer (Ethan McDowell) gets his first command as Captain of the Space Command Cruiser Paladin. In a story spanning Earth, Mars, the asteroid belt and the moons and planets of the outer solar system, Jack’s fate becomes inextricably linked with the renegade Synthetic Dor Neven (Doug Jones), his human foreman Yusef Sekander (Robert Picardo), xeno-archaeologist Dr. Vonn Odara (Mira Furlan) and Greg Mazzey of the Mazzey/Patillo Corporation, inventor of the Synthetics. Also features Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5, Tron).

We’ve shot all two hours of Redemption and are currently finishing VFX and color correction on the first 35 minutes, which will then go to our terrific Composer/Co-Producer David Raiklen for music and our Co-Producer David Bartlett and his team for final sound mix and other post-production magic. Once that’s all locked down, we’ll premiere the 35 minutes at our San Diego Comic-Con, have a screening for our cast and crew and showrunner pals, then send it to our backers and investors.

After which we’ll raise the funds – about $250,000 – to complete the rest of the two hours, via selling shares, Patreon, crowdfunding and/or selling the show sooner rather than later. (And if you want to help with any of that, please reach out to us.)







Nicholas Alanis is now working on the CG interior of the vast alien Y’maa ship. Here’s a work-in-progress:

Star Wars novelist and my Magic Time collaborator Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff has written the novel adaptation of Space Command: Redemption. Just waiting for my notes and then we’ll make this wonderful book available to you. Great cover by our brilliant poster artist Jeff Hayes.

Episodes Five and Six – Forgiveness. Takes place three years after Redemption. Captain Jack Kemmer (Ethan McDowell) receives a distress call from the Children of Job, in the Iron City on Mercury. Three hundred of their pilgrims have gone missing, and their Elder (James Hong, of Blade Runner and Big Trouble in Little China) pleads with Jack to let one of their members, Kasain the Conqueror (Faran Tahir, of Iron Man and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek) assist in the search. But Jack has a particularly dark history with Kasain… and something even darker lies in wait for them.

Forgiveness also stars John Hennigan (wrestling’s John Morrison and Johnny Nitro) as the Combat Synthetic Durant. In addition, there’s a framing story with Vonn Odara (Mira Furlan), her wife Lynn Talmadge Odara (Katharine McKuen), Dr. Aronica (Kenneth Flanagan) and Jack Kemmer’s great-grandson Captain Matt Kemmer (Aaron Gaffey).

Marc with Aaron Gaffey.

We’ve shot 35 minutes of Space Command: Forgiveness and have almost completed editing it with our genius editor Dave Edison. We’re planning on shooting additional scenes in the next few weeks, and will be raising funds to complete shooting the rest of the two-hours in the next few months. I’ve been in conversation with the wonderful Rene Auberjoinois (Odo in Deep Space Nine) to play the role of the Patriarch Elias.

Episodes Seven and Eight – Great Solar War. Takes place twenty years after Forgiveness. Fleet Commander Jack Kemmer (Ethan McDowell) and his son Ed, stationed as a weapons officer on the Space Command dreadnought Hannibal, must seek out Dor Neven (Doug Jones) and a mysterious character known as Deuce to win a war in which Yusef Sekander’s son Odin and Greg Mazzey’s granddaughter Elena figure prominently. Also stars Robert Picardo.

Here’s a “taste spoon” teaser trailer —

I’m currently rewriting the two-hour script of Great Solar War. We’ll be shooting a more elaborate teaser trailer in the next few weeks.

Here’s a work in progress by the great Jeff Hayes of the upcoming poster for Great Solar War. Can’t wait to see the finished version!

Here’s a sketch by our character designer, the amazing Iain McCaig (designer of Darth Maul and Queen Amidala, plus Rey in The Force Awakens), of how Dor Neven will look in Great Solar War:

And a preliminary makeup test of Doug Jones:

Plus a costume test on Robert Picardo:

And here’s the Paladin in its wartime Flying Wing configuration, as designed by Star Wars artist Dave Dorman. VFX wizard Tobias Richter will be modeling it and detailing it in CG, as he did with Dave’s original Paladin design for Redemption.

And here is Production Designer Carlos Fernandez’s weapons station for Lt. Ed Kemmer:

Spacesuits for Great Solar War, designed by Iain McCaig:


Beyond this, when Jack Kemmer re-encounters Dor Neven in Great Solar War, he’ll spy a canvas the Synthetic painted “to see if I have a soul….” It will be this wonderful piece by Burton Gray:

Episodes Nine and Ten – Empire.

Captain Matt Kemmer (Aaron Gaffey), his first officer Odara T’Lynn, formerly known as Lynn Talmadge Odara (Katharine McEwan), Lt. Bradbury’s descendant Cadet Bradbury (Bryan McClure) and the rest of the Paladin crew receive a dire warning from Lianna Sekander (Christina Moses, star of Star Trek New Voyages “World Enough and Time,” Containment, The Originals and the forthcoming series Condor and Mission Control).

Bryan McClure with Christina Moses.

Lianna is the great-granddaughter of Yusef Sekander (Robert Picardo) and daughter of Derian Sekander (Armin Shimerman). On the distant world of Belakov 3, Derian has unlocked a terrible secret. Lianna and Matt must pull together a team including Dor Neven (Doug Jones) and the transhuman Alten Phenulus (Ethan Phillips of Star Trek Voyager) to save all they hold dear.

Along the way, they’ll encounter Clement Pax of the Mazzey/Patillo Corporation (Dean Haglund, of The X-Files and Lone Gunmen). There’s also a flashback to when fifteen-year-old Matt Kemmer sought the advice of his grandfather Ed Kemmer, then Fleet Commander of Space Command. We’ve been in talks for Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey) to play this role.

Here’s an early trailer for Space Command before we’d actually shot any of the finished stories, cobbled together from auditions, test footage and moments films just for this trailer with our cast.

It actually consists of lines from several of the Space Command stories, but you can see Matt Kemmer (Aaron Gaffey), Lianna Sekander (Christina Moses), Derian Sekander (Armin Shimerman), Alten Phenulus (Ethan Phillips), Clement Pax (Dean Haglund) and Odara T’Lynn (Katharine McEwan), along with an early version of Dor Neven (Doug Jones). It includes our stirring Space Command March by David Raiklen!

Marc with Armin Shimerman.


Armin Shimerman as Derian, by Iain McCaig:


Christina Moses as Lianna, by Iain McCaig:


Ethan Phillips as Alten Phenulus, by Iain McCaig:


Odara T’Lynn in her exoskeleton, design by Iain McCaig:

Odara T'Lynn_Exoimage47

In Empire, Dor Neven (Doug Jones) will wear a silver metal flying suit, designed by Iain McCaig:

image48 image49

Episodes Eleven and Twelve – Harvester. In the climactic story of the first season, Captain Matt Kemmer, Odara T’Lynn, Dor Neven and Bradbury are drawn to what might be the end of their search for Vonn Odara (Mira Furlan)– and an answer to a 200 million-year-old beacon that’s spanned the galaxy. Also starring Bill Mumy and Robert Picardo.

Elaine and I just had lunch with Mira Furlan today. The future is bright!

Mira lunch

And that’s all for now! More adventures to come…

All good thoughts your way,


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