I wanted to share an email I just sent to famed astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hello, Dr. Tyson,

Marc Zicree here, author of THE TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION and a writer for many science fiction TV shows.

You and I nearly did a couple of  commentaries on the Twilight Zone blu-ray I produced the year before last; sadly, our schedules didn’t work out. There will be another chance for that down the road.

I’m emailing you now for two reasons — first off, to commend and thank you for your writing and public stance in favor of an expanded manned space program. My dear friend Ray Bradbury, who as I’m sure you know just passed away, was a great evangelist for this, and his work led me to become a writer in the first place. I don’t know if you met Ray — I’d assume you did on numerous occasions — but I’m sure he loved everything you stood for.

I’m working on a project that Ray was most enthusiastic about and I think you would find of interest, too. It’s called SPACE COMMAND, and it’s a series of science fiction films I’m writing, producing and partly directing that details two families over several generations as they take part in Man’s exploration and colonization out into the solar system and beyond. (In reality, it’s structured as a TV series, but I’m making it as a series of interconnected films, due to the ease of financing and production I have at hand.)

Perhaps most interesting of all (after my selling over 100 scripts to all the major networks and studios, with almost all of them produced), I’m financing the first and perhaps more of the films via an Internet site called Kickstarter. The campaign is going great — we’d planned to raise $75,000 over two months and reached that target in just over three days! Now we’re up to nearly $150,000, with over a month to go.

I’d be greatly honored if you’d check out the Kickstarter page (www.spacecommandmovie.com, with our website www.pledgespacecommand.com) and, if you like what you see, help put out the word via tweet, blog, etc.

I regularly listen to your very fun podcast and would be happy to be a guest. This whole project is a very new way of doing things and, like your call to action regarding manned spaceflight, could help create a
new, empowered generation of those who look to the stars for our future.

Again, thanks for all the marvelous, inspiring work. I look forward greatly to meeting you sometime in the near future…

All best,