Doug Drexler asked that I make a retraction to a statement I made in
the recent Backers Update. I’m happy to do it.

In the update, I said that Doug needed to leave SPACE COMMAND to work
on DEFIANCE. While it’s true that Doug is now working on DEFIANCE,
this is not the reason he chose to leave Space Command.

In Hollywood, we often euphemistically refer to “creative differences”
as the reason various parties part ways on a project. In this case it
happens to be true, but I want to give you some more specifics. By
the time we started on SPACE COMMAND, Doug had already worked for more
than two decades on STAR TREK. He made it clear on our first day that
he didn’t want to do anything similar to STAR TREK. A road that he
felt had been well traveled.

For Doug, this meant that he wanted our stories to take place within
our solar system, without warp drives or aliens. Doug felt – rightly
so – that there was largely unexplored drama and excitement to be had
facing the realities of space travel.

While I very much wanted and am currently writing scripts set in the
early decades of our SPACE COMMAND chronology that follow those
guidelines, I also wanted our larger story to include development of
faster-than-light drive and adventures taking place in other star
systems with sentient aliens prominently featured.

I’d hoped that both Doug and I would feel well served in getting the
show we wanted, but in the end, after reading my first draft script,
Doug chose to depart, feeling that aspects of SPACE COMMAND were too
akin to STAR TREK. He certainly had every right to his feelings, and
to the choice he made.

Doug left unhappy, feeling that he had worked hard to make our
Kickstarter campaign the great success that it was, and ultimately not
benefiting from that success. Even so, he was a gentleman about this
parting, and his recommendation of Tobias Richter I think will stand
us in good stead.

I miss Doug’s continuing contribution every day and am grateful for
the amazing work and inspiration he gave us. I feel confident that
we’ll be able to make SPACE COMMAND something we’ll all be very proud

All good thoughts your way,