Just learned of my dear friend Ray Bradbury’s death. I’m heartbroken. But he was and will always be a great man, a great inspiration and a great friend.

I wish you all a mentor with the heart, soul, vision and brilliance of this irreplaceable man..

I’ve been doing radio interviews reminiscing about this great man,KPCC just now,
COAST TO COAST tonight, BBC Friday and more.

I’m writing a long piece about our fifteen-year friendship, which I’ll
post soon.

But for now I wanted to share two pieces I wrote about Ray — “What
I’ve Learned from Ray Bradbury” and the introduction I wrote in 2009
for THE COMPLETE MARTIAN CHRONICLES (what an honor…). Feel free to
pass this along.

He was a dear soul and a terrific writer, a huge inspiration, mentor and friend.

When Abraham Lincoln died, his Secretary of State said, “Now he
belongs to the Ages.”

Now Ray belongs to the future… because the future always belonged to him.

All good thoughts your way,


by Marc Zicree
• Get up and write, five days a week.

• If you need help getting your work done, reach out to those who love
you. They want to help.

• Take time off on the weekend. Be with those you love.

• Live from love, work from love, and do everything else from love.

• Find joy in every day, every hour, every moment.

• Save everything that matters to you, and keep it within reach.

• Get out into the world, no matter how difficult.

• Laugh at what limits you. It pits your life force against the
darkness. (This doesn’t mean you can’t be pissed off at it, too.)

• At the same time, always keep fighting to be and do your best.

• Never sell out, and don’t suffer those who have.

• Do everything with gusto.

• Take naps.

• Help your friends, and view everyone with compassion.

• Stand up for yourself. Modesty is not a strength.

• Answer your own phone.

• Mourn for those who are gone and don’t forget them, but don’t bury
yourself with them.

• Cry easily. It’s not a weakness.

• Never grow up. At least, not in the areas where it counts.

• Stay curious about everything..

(Part 2 next)