August 29, 2013

Hi, guys, Been awhile since my last update – I’ve been so busy working on Space Command!

First off, I’m busy at work revising our first Space Command screenplay, “Redemption,” and we’re now in prep, with the plan being to shoot a few months hence. More on that soon.

Beyond this, we’re laying track to shoot films two, three, four, five and six right on the heels of the first one! (For the record, the titles of those films are Forgiveness, The Great Solar War, Empire, Harvester and the prequel, United Planet.)

The Air Force is officially aboard, and just a few days ago they took us on a grand tour of Vandenberg Air Force base where we started location scouting for certain key scenes. Check out this video:

And today they had us back for the launch of a Delta IV rocket carrying a spy satellite into polar orbit. Really amazing.

As you know, we shot footage for our Comic-Con reel of Doug Jones, Bill Mumy, Mira Furlan and Dean Haglund in their Space Command roles, along with newcomer Jelena Mrdja (who plays Mira’s daughter), Katharine McEwan (Odara T’Lynn) and Talent Search winners Ethan McDowell, Bryan McClure, Aaron Gaffey and Sara Maraffino – who beat out 1,200 other applicants!

It was such a thrill for me to see Iain McCaig’s designs transformed into real makeup and costumes on our actors – if only initial, rough versions.



Jack Kemmer by Iain McCaig



Ethan McDowell as Captain Jack Kemmer



Dor Neven (Doug Jones) by Iain McCaig



Doug Jones as Dor Neven



Lynn Talmadge Odara a.k.a. Odara T’Lynn (Katharine McEwan) by Iain McCaig



Lynn Odara/Odara T’Lynn (Katharine McEwan) costume test.

As we’re moving into pre-production, we’re looking for any helping hands who want to be part of this adventure. So if you’re a designer, build props, costumes, sets – in fact, have skills or enthusiasms in any department that might help make Space Command wonderful — get in touch. In our case, it doesn’t just take a village – it takes a universe.

As for our Kickstarter rewards, we’ve fallen behind on those and will be in touch soon in that regard too. My main focus has been on preparing to make these films, but I want to make sure everyone who helped this dream come true is aboard fully.

Thanks again for everything. As ever, none of this would be possible without you.

All good thoughts your way,