Hi, guys,

Wow, things are moving ahead GREAT on Space Command. We’re four weeks away from starting shooting!

Best of all, we’ve just brought aboard the DIRECTOR FOR OUR SECOND FILM, who’s also serving as Supervising Producer on “Redemption.” He has great credits as a director and VFX wizard. Here’s the video that shows all:

Meanwhile, costumes and sets are being designed and built (including our character Yusef Sekander’s quarters in the asteroid mining colony), line producer, unit production manager and first A.D. have been brought aboard, and our dear friends have been investing in the project, which certainly helps pay to build our Space Command empire.

Cobb 1

Ceres Mining Colony Quarters

Carlos Fernandez, our ace production designer (he did the drawing above), sometimes even constructs models of our sets to help guide us.


Model by Carlos Fernandez

I’ve continued drawing my own storyboards (which I call Snoopygrams, because they look like Charles Schultz drawing. This is before I hand them off to our real storyboard artist, who makes them look far better…


Marc’s first draft storyboard.

At the same time, we’re looking to classic science fiction images for inspiration, like this terrific concept painting by Ron Cobb. I first met Cobb when I was sixteen, just after he’d painted ten of these images that were then used to sell the script of ALIEN. I first saw this painting along with the others laid out along the floor of his apartment. Just incredible.


Ron Cobb production art.

The whole team is moving ahead full steam now, and every day is filled with delight and surprises – such as when our first A.D. Arnon Shorr took us to the restaurant owned by Steven Spielberg’s mom Leah Adler, where we spent hours going over storyboards and working up our shot list – truly a dream come true.


Volunteers are flocking to Space Command to help in every department, and cameras will roll soon.

(And if you’d like to swing a hammer, or generate a shot, or bring your special skills to bear, email me at marczicree@gmail.com and we can alert our team.)

Great times… and more to come very soon. And none of it would be happening without you.

All good thoughts your way,