Hi guys,

Wow, it’s an exciting time at Space Command!

First off, we’re busy editing the trailer and also all the scenes we shot with our brilliant cast – 36 pages of spectacular performances by Doug Jones, Robert Picardo, Mira Furlan, Bill Mumy, Jelena Mrdja, Ethan McDowell, Sara Maraffino and more!

bd6fcecae96e08de6d1de69f549bf760_largeMira Furlan

At the same time, I’m busy rewriting scripts two, three and four and planning the logistics for shooting the remaining sections of script one. So there have been lots of meetings with myself, Elaine, ace editor Dave Edison, composer David Raiklen, my brother (and soundstage honcho) Jim and the rest of the Space Command team.

Sets are being built and I’m busy at work raising money, so we can keep shooting our first film and then begin shooting the second.

I’ve also just listed my personal copy of the Space Command screenplay that was used during rehearsal, with my handwritten notes changing dialogue and actions to address comments from the actors. You can check it out this one-of-a-kind item at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251504804923


It’s an amazing and exciting time, and I’ve been so gratified to get your kind comments. Many more wonderful adventures to come…

All good thoughts your way, Marc