Public Talent Poll – Cadet Bradbury

Who’s your favorite Cadet Bradbury? This is a chance for those not voting to give their opinion.

See Cadet Bradbury’s character description below.

Roshelle Bair
Poonam Basu
Sarah Keyes Chang
Andy Cohen
Linda Elizabeth
Maya Eshet
Matthew Ewald
Emily Goss
Hosanna Gourley
Ashley Key
Chandler Macocha
Bryan McClure
Peyton McDavitt
Misha Reeves
Paula Rhodes
Jasmine Shea
Robyn Shute
Elle Viane Sonnet
Mark St. Cyr
Myrna Velasco
Andy Zou

Cadet Bradbury – Lead / MALE OR FEMALE / 18 TO 25
First off, we’re open to this role being played by either a man or a woman. 18-22 years old, Cadet Bradbury is short, feisty, full of ginger. Smart, eager, impulsive, very talented and shows great skill and bravery. A terrific pilot and navigator, truly gifted. With some seasoning, Bradbury will become a first-rate officer, but for now the Cadet’s tendency to jump without looking gets Bradbury into any number of close calls. Even so, Kemmer recognizes Bradbury’s gifts and potential. An orphan who at age three was the sole survivor of the mysterious disappearance of the Centauri 4 colony, the Space Command has given Cadet Bradbury a sense of purpose and a future. Bradbury doesn’t like to talk about the past, claims to remember nothing… but in time we may well find that Bradbury is lying.

The Cadet admires Commander Kemmer enormously and looks to him as something of a surrogate father and role model. For his part, Kemmer has a great deal of affection and pride in the Cadet – and is happy to cut Bradbury some slack, because he feels certain when the chips are down the Cadet will come through.

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