Public Talent Poll – Commander Kemmer

Who’s your favorite Commander Kemmer? This is a chance for those not voting to give their opinion.

See Commander Kemmer’s character description below.

Aaron Gaffey
Ryan George
Blaine Gray
Adam Griffith
Sara Maraffino
Aaron Massey
Ethan McDowell
Mike Reeping
James Ryen
Nick Schroeder
Mykee Selkin
Ben Seton
Coley Mustafa Speaks
Steve Suh
Sebastian Velmont
Tim Weinert
Joseph Williamson

Matt Kemmer – Lead / MALE / 25 TO 40
Matt Kemmer (25-35) is commander of the starship Paladin, serving in the Space Command. His grandfather Ed Kemmer was also in the Space Command (as was Ed’s father before him) and was the legendary hero of the Great Solar War. From his teen years, Matt was raised by his grandparents and strives to live up to his grandfather’s example, but often feels not up to the task. As a result he hugely overcompensates, pushing himself to the limits of endurance and bravery.

Matt trains hard and works hard, doesn’t cut himself nearly enough slack – and is always there to protect those in need. He has a hopeful vision of the future and Man’s place in it – but is distrustful of those in power, particularly when they lack oversight. He’s smart, intuitive, open-minded and curious about the universe; intelligent and was a voracious reader when young – although most of his education (particularly in his early years) was self-taught. He has a good sense of humor, and is a loyal friend.

Kemmer’s never been married; came close a few times. As to his relationships with our other leads, Kemmer looks to Odara T’Lynn as an advisor, butts heads with Dor Neven on occasion (and initially doesn’t trust him or his motives), finds his patience challenged by the impulsiveness of Cadet Bradbury (though he recognizes in the cadet a good deal of his own younger self) and is bemused by Dr. Phenulus’ quirks and eccentricities (while relying on his broad and esoteric knowledge).

Kemmer is a natural leader, very good in hand-to-hand and other fighting techniques, naturally agile, and very quick to improvise when the situation demands it. He’s not so much by-the-book as determined to utilize whatever comes to hand to prevail. He will sacrifice himself for others at all times – and only really take care of himself when those who care about him (such as Odara T’Lynn) insist on it.

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