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Stephen Bennett
Whitley Strieber
Alok Dube
Thunder Head Entertainment LLC.
Jörg Hillebrand
David Raiklen
Phillip M.
Mark Verheiden
Toby Mason
Yinka Alao
Bill Krause
David Taylor
Jason F.
 Francois Du Perron
Jason Elliott
Jesse Siglow
David Harris
Michael Stone
Chris Shrigley
David Reskin
Matt Leung
Timothy Farmer
Yaron Davidson
John J
Joel A. Adkins
Sean Carroll
Daniel Harmsworth
Andrew Boulton
Tom Champion
Peter Jones
Peter H Smit
Fabian Winkler
Chris Bell
Lucas K. Law
Raymond Wong
Eric Nyquist
Graham Tyson
John Idlor
Brian Otto
Chad A Crayton
Jason Baker
Michel Wesdorp

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If you're one of our Space Command volunteers or a recent student who still has a session coming, feel free to email me back to attend the Sunday Greenlighting Yourself class.

It will be Sunday 10-5 with a lunch break at LA Valley College in Monarch Hall (also known as the Campus Center). The northern door to the building will be open, all others locked.

All best,
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My Sunday Class on How To Greenlight Yourself is filling up! It's going to be great class with invaluable info on how to raise money, attach stars, get great scripts, shoot your dream project, get the notice of the press, the audience, and the major networks and studios, plus much more.

It's designed for actors, writers, directors and producers, at any stage of their careers. Just $99! Class runs Sunday from 10-5, with a lunch break and can be taken in person at LA Valley College or via Skype or downloadable content later.

To sign up, log onto and indicate you want to pay

And feel free to email or call me at (323)363-1259 with any questions.

All best,
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