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Space Command A Sci-Fi Epic

SPACE COMMAND a sci-fi epic

Many people and children like, love, and enjoy science fiction movies and series. They all want to be there in the place to go round the space and explore. Space command is an adventure series that is of the same genre.


Space command was a Canadian science fiction television series made for children and was broadcasted in 1953 and 1954 on CBC Television for the first time when the network aired its drama series. It has a rating of

SPACE COMMAND a sci-fi epic

Caste and overview

Space command was of a children’s science fiction genre and was written by Alfred Harris. It was starring Bob Barclay, Austin Willis, and James Doohan and was directed and produced by Murray Chercover.

It was an English series that had two sequels and had 150 episodes.

It was telecasted on CBC Television and started on 13th March 1953.

Gist of the Characters

Alfred Harris created this movie, and the series had its primary focus on the young space lieutenant named Frank Anderson. Robert Barclay played this character. His crewmates Phil Mitchell, played by James Doohan, and the captain of the spaceship XSW1 was Steve Cassel, played by Harry Geldard.

The other characters included Dr. Joseph Edmunds, which Andrew Anthony played; Ilene Morris, played by Aileen Taylor; and Dr. Fleming, played by Austin Willis.

The other characters of this series include Joe Austin, Cec Linder, Barry Morse, and William Shatner.

The huge loss

Historian Ernest Dick from Nova Scotia lamented the loss of nearly all the series recordings except one episode that was the recording from November 1953. This was uploaded in March 2018. It was bearing a modern Canadian TV Classification System TV rating of PG. Despite the production of kinescopes to CBC stations for distribution across Canada.

SPACE COMMAND a sci-fi epic

James Doohan

James had played several roles on January 12th, 1946, for CBC radio. He worked between Toronto and New York for several years. He appeared as Timber Tom, a forest ranger that was the Canadian version of Howdy Doody in the mid-1950s. His other fellowman of Star Trek’s cast member William Shatner appeared in the American version as Ranger Bill. They both seemed again in the 1950s for the Canadian science fiction series called Space Command. He again shared the series with Shatner. It had 150 episodes and two seasons in total so, they could share many episodes. They both appeared in several episodes again in Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans, starred in 1957-58.

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