June 9, 2013

Hi, guys,

What a great week for Space Command!

First off, we’re moving ahead with great plans for our spectacular Comic-Con panel on Friday night July 19th at 8:45 PM and the terrific signing at the Geekscape booth the next day! There will be spectacular posters, surprise announcements and much more!

Mira Furlan will be there in person, along with other great Space Command stars and our brilliant team. Don’t miss it!

Beyond this, I had the great pleasure the other day of introducing Mira to Jelena Mrjda, the talented actress who will be playing her daughter in our first Space Command feature, “Redemption.” Both Mira and Jelena speak Serbo-Croatian, and will be speaking both that language and English in the film. (I’ll bet that’s a science fiction first!)

On the same day, I met with Ramon Antonio, a Major in the Air Force, who’s come aboard Space Command to help advise me as to the real Space Command, the Academy and other details of military life, both here on Earth and in space.


A number of other Air Force personnel are stepping up to help me, thanks to former Air Force Honor Guard member Collin Pelton, who’s proven an invaluable member of the team.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has been helping me along the way. They say it takes a village – in the case of Space Command, I’d say it takes a solar system!

Now that I’ve written the first four screenplays and laid out six storylines (covering 150 years in our future chronology, with five generations of the Kemmer, Sekander and Odara families), we’re moving into pre-production and will be shooting in a few months. It’s been quite a journey, but it’s just getting better and better.

More to come soon. Thanks so much — none of this would be possible without you…

All good thoughts your way,