June 18, 2013

All you designers and VFX guys out there, now is your Space Command moment!

Our VFX supervisor Geoff Mark (Serenity, Battlestar Galactica) is coordinating with FX wizard Tobias Richter (Star Trek) of Lightworks and Jonathan Feldman (also Serenity, etc.) and Xes and his whiz kids at the famed FX School in Barcelona — plus the spectacular Rob Powers (Avatar), head of Lightwave — to ramp up for our Comic-Con panel to deliver an awesome Space Command reel.

So if you’ve got skills and would like to lend a hand, email Geoff at geoff@geoffmark.com. No pay at this stage, but definitely, credit, gratitude and glory (essentially what I’m getting) — plus a chance to be part of the team as we ramp up into pre-production on our first six Space Command films.

Check out the groovy Paladin image Geoff and Jonathan just put together (off Tobias’ super-cool model of Dave Dorman’s design).



Who wouldn’t want to party with these guys? I ask you.

Additionally, I’ve been meeting with officers of the REAL Air Force Space Command and fighter jet pilots to research my scripts and also the Entertainment Office of the the Air Force. Some great announcements soon!

Be sure to spread the word about our amazing Comic Con panel 8:45 PM Friday July 19th and our signing the next day at noon at the Geekscape booth. Mira Furlan (Babylon 5, Lost), Dean Haglund (X-Files) and other Space Command stars will be in attendance.

PLUS there will be MANY incredible announcements, surprise guests, free giveaways of posters and more! Don’t miss it!

It’s an incredible adventure, and none of it would be possible without YOU.

All good thoughts your way,