Hi, guys,

The Space Command Team is at San Diego Comic-Con, where 140,000 fans, journalists, and pros adopt the city for a celebration of popular culture that has to be seen to be believed!



Our Space Command Panel featured 16 members of the Team including Doug Jones, Mira Furlan, Dean Haglund, Katharine McEwan, Jelena Mrdja, Talent Search Winners Sara Maraffino, Bryan McClure, Ethan McDowell, Aaron Gaffey, producer Neil Johnson, Emmy winning writer Michael Reaves, our Air Force Liaison, designer Dave Dorman, costumer Mike Philpot, composer David Raiklen, and VFX wizard Geoff Mark!



Here’s our winners: Bryan will play Cadet Bradbury, Sara- Captain Lorraine Essex, Ethan- Captain Jack Kemmer, Aaron- Matt Kemmer. Congratulations, they were chosen from 7000 actors!



Here’s a teaser video that shows our amazing cast in costume and our visual effects tests. The crowd asked us to play it again and it was also shown at other panels. Just the early stages, but very fun! Sound design by Noah Blough, music by David Raiklen, editing by Dave Edison.

Space Command attracts new fans wherever we go! There’s much more exciting news in the near future, including a presentation with our technology partner’s at Lightwave for Siggraph this week,  interest in publishing a prose novel set in the Space Command Universe, a trip to Vandenberg Air Force base to observe military hardware and practices, and setting a date to start principle photography! Doing something right takes time and you can see we’re doing our best for you, dear backers.

Here’s our special poster from our Saturday signing, created by Dave Dorman and Geoff Mark.



It will be available soon!


Marc, David, and Team Space Command