Hi, guys,

I’ll soon be posting some videos to give you some exciting updates on what’s happening with Space Command.

But in brief, it’s this:  we’re now in active pre-production on the first six Space Command films. We have a production draft of the first script and three others in completed draft, plus outlines on five and six, have rented our warehouse/studio, brought aboard our line producer, unit production manager, VFX supervisor, production designer and costume designer, locked Doug Jones for the lead and added Mike Harney of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK to our cast. We start shooting in late February.

I’m thrilled at all that’s happening.  It’s all coming wonderfully to fruition.

Sorry to have fallen behind in fulfillment — this epic story is a big job. We’re going to bring our full attention back to fulfillment in the next week and bring staff fully onto that task.  We’re committed to getting all of you what you ordered — and more!

To keep in touch, check out our Space Command movie Facebook page.  And I’ll be updating the Space Command website this weekend.

(And if any of you in the L.A. would like to meet myself, our cast and crew in person, we’ll be at Loscon next Sunday, a few days after Thanksgiving.)


All best,