November 30, 2013

Hi, guys,

Amazing things happening on Space Command, wanted to share them with you! We’ve rented the warehouse studio, are designing sets and costumes, locking shooting drafts of the script and much more!

This video shows you exactly what we’ve been up to lately:

We’re also open to volunteers in all departments. Again, contact us and we’ll be happy to connect you with our department heads. I’ll be issuing Backers Update videos soon on both of those items.

In terms of fulfillment on the Kickstarter pledges, we’re committed to getting you all you ordered, and more. We’ll send you emails on that very soon. Making the movies has been my first priority, and everything stems from that.

Beyond this, Mike Harney of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK has come aboard as Anson Kemmer, father of our hero Jack Kemmer.


Mike Harney and Marc

We’ve been speaking to audiences throughout Europe and America about Space Command, meeting with FX teams, gearing up the production to go full steam.



Space Command in Spain

Mike Philpot, our ace costumer from SPIDERMAN 3 and MAN OF STEEL, has been busy at work on costumes, including this cool one for Mira Furlan’s character, Vonn Odara.



Costume Design by Mike Philpot

And Carlos Fernandez has been busy at work churning our set designs, storyboards and more.



Spacecraft Set Design by Carlos Fernandez.

Plus many more exciting developments I’ll share with you soon!

(And by the way, if you’re in L.A., stop by Loscon at the LAX Marriott for our Space Command panel 10 AM this Sunday, December 1st!)

Again, none of it would be happening without you. Thanks for making this dream come true.

All good thoughts your way,