Which Social Media do you regularly use?


  1. Not all that big on social media. Use Youtube comments and Twitter a little bit but nothing I’d call regular.

  2. Difficult to read the dark grey words of your poll against the grey background.

  3. I prefer Twitter. Much cleaner interface and somewhat less “noise”.

  4. Personally, I only use Google+.

  5. Most of society has rejected me.

  6. A little Facebook (only close friends) and not much otherwise. The occasional YouTube comment every once in a while.

  7. Just Twitter. Never got into anything else.

  8. I’m on Facebook, but I don’t really use it that often. My weekly “Trunkards” Blog on Tumblr automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter, and that’s my primary use for both (although I do post other announcements on Facebook from time to time). And I use Pinterest from time to time, mostly to promote the art and photography of friends on deviantArt.

  9. For me it’s mostly Facebook. I haven’t used Twitter in almost a year.

  10. Google+ is the only social networking site I use regularly.

  11. Anything that requires texting or a “super-phone” not on my horizon. Facebook is the one for me.

  12. Mostly use twitter, but I do post on FaceBook at times. Twitter is less cluttered in my opinion.

  13. Google+ is the way.

  14. Most of the time its Facebook. Don’t think I’ve ever used Twitter or Pinterest ever

  15. I use Reddit very often!

  16. I only use Facebook to keep track of stuff like Space Command and some art sites. I watch a lot of Youtube but hardly ever comment.

  17. Not much on social media with regular updates and such for I fear we are all becoming Borg.
    If the network goes down I’ll have less chance of anxiety withdrawals.
    – Yes, I prefer phone calls to texting :)

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